What is eGazette Legislation Updates?

  • We offer the latest legislation updates from the Government eGazette as a subscription service. This includes Subsidiary Legislation Supplement, Revised Subsidiary Legislation Supplement, Acts, Acts Supplement, Bills Supplement.
  • The updates will be emailed to you in pdf format.

What are the Benefits of the eGazette Legislation Updates?

  • Save you the hassle of keeping track of the latest legislative updates.
  • Receive updates all year round on legislations soon after they are published in the eGazette.
  • Significant financial savings.

How does the eGazette Legislation Updates work?

  • Indicate the required Chapters you are interested in (e.g. Chapter 50 – Companies Act or Chapter 36 – CPF Act) in the attached application form.
  • You will receive all updates related to the Chapter that you have requested for. For e.g. if you selected Chapter 50 – Companies Act, you will receive all Subsidiary Legislation Supplement, Revised Subsidiary Legislation, Acts, Act Supplement and Bills Supplement related to Chapter 50 – Companies Act.
  • The annual subscription fee of only $120.00 (excluding GST) allows you a selection of 5 Chapters e.g. (1) Cap 50 – Companies Act (2) Cap 68 – Criminal Procedure Code (3) Cap 91 – Employment Act (4) Cap 134 – Income Tax Act (5) Cap 224 – Penal Code.
  • Upon signing on, you will receive a pdf version of the selected Act and its’ related supplements.
  • You will continue to receive the updates for the duration of your subscription service which is one year. (You may subscribe for a longer period).
  • For every additional Chapter requested, you pay only $30.00 per Chapter.
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